Advocates Issue ‘Enhanced’ Red Alert Specifically to Imperial Beach Supporters of Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis patients, supporters and advocates in the City of Imperial Beach (IB) are urged to be prepared. Additional law enforcement action against legitimate patients brought about by the IB City Council is imminent. Now is the time to stand up against the City Council’s attempt to eradicate access to medical cannabis for sick and dying patients and defend your rights.

On June 29th, Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued a memo reinforcing the intent of the federal government to interfere with state medical cannabis laws. Read the rest of this entry »


Ban on medical marijuana has ‘time specific’ priority at June 15th IB council meeting

Imperial Beach, CA – On June 10th, 2011, city officials released a ‘time specific’ scheduling of 7:00pm for the June 15th vote on a pair of ordinances (I/II) that purportedly ban medical marijuana dispensaries from providing safe access in the city.

In the staff report, city officials claim “the ordinances would not ban medical marijuana in the city” and “only applies when marijuana is supplied to two or more persons” … at “any location” in the city.

Actual wording in the City’s law goes much further than merely banning dispensary storefronts from opening in the city.  If approved, the law would disregard the right for patients to collectively or cooperatively cultivate, afforded by Senate Bill 420, and aims to change Prop. 215, the Compassionate Use Act, by severely limiting ‘legal access’ for seriously injured, sick and dying patients and their caregivers by restricting patients to individually growing at home.  Read the rest of this entry »

Stop The Ban Imperial Beach is meeting tonight

Imperial Beach – May 12, 2011, patient advocates will be meeting this evening to discuss the effort to Stop The Ban of Prop. 215 patient collectives/cooperatives in the city. 

All residents, those for and against, are encuraged to attend today’s meeting.

Despite nearly 15 years of the voter established law to allow safe access to medical marijuana for qualified patients,  the City of Imperial Beach has yet to implement the law or to allow safe access to cannabis for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

Come out this evening to find out how the Stop The Ban IB campaign is working to secure safe access for IB’s injured, sick, and dying Prop. 215 residents. 

We will also be discussing the City’s “Smear with Fear” campaign.  A modern-day ‘Reefer Madness presentation by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to the city’s civic leaders.

DATE: Today, Thursday, May 12th
TIME: 6pm – 7pm
WHERE: 1233 Palm Ave in Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach Stop the Ban Campaign Collects 100’s of Letters from Local Residents to City Council

IMPERIAL BEACH, CA– This week, medical cannabis advocates sent the first flurry of 138 letters signed by concerned residents of Imperial Beach (IB), CA to city officials urging the reversal of the proposed ban of medical marijuana dispensaries within the city’s limits.   The campaign reports over 100 more letters are waiting to be stuffed, stamped and mailed. Read the rest of this entry »

Americans for Safe Access Threatens Suit Over Ordinance

“if you do not ease these unconstitutional restrictions[…]we will explore our options for doing so in court.” – ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford

A well worded ending to a long awaited letter from Americans For Safe Access”, said Marcus Boyd, Vice Chair of the local San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access and the individual heading an effort to stop the ban of patient collectives in Imperial Beach, CA., a suburb of San Diego.

ASA's Patients Rights Project

Today, Americans For Safe Access (ASA), the largest grassroots organization in the country devoted to protecting the rights of medical marijuana patients and their physicians, announced they will indeed bring legal action against the City of San Diego for it’s overly restrictive ordinance if ‘unconstitutional restrictions‘ are not eased.

The demand letter, sent by the nations leading medical marijuana advocates, aims to take on the second-largest city in California and eighth-largest in the U.S., is a welcome turn of events for local Prop. 215 patients who have gone without official implementation of the voter backed initiative for nearly 15 years.

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Press Release: Stop The Ban IB officially begins letter writing campaign

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Imperial Beach, CA – On Saturday, April 16th, organizers and volunteers from the Stop The Ban IB campaign kicked off a grassroots effort to collect letters from concerned citizens in Imperial Beach who feel strongly against the direction taken by city leaders to ban safe access to medical marijuana for the city’s legitimate Prop.215 patients, some of who are the most vulnerable residents in the city.

Two days earlier, at 1233 Palm Ave., during the planned monthly South Bay meeting of the San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (SDASA), several city residents volunteered time and donated financially to the campaign.

Ironically, the South Bay monthly meetings are held at the very location that was to be Imperial Beach’ s first Prop. 215 patient cooperative, that is until city officials refused to issue a business licence, enacted a moratorium while vowing to create an ordinance, however, have since completely flip-flopped and have surprised the community with this Public Notice outlining a plan to ban access citywide on June 1st, 2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop the Ban SD – Democracy the ol’fashion way

Medical Marijuana Activists Stage Civil Disobedience Tuesday at San Diego City Hall

Medical Marijuana Induced Civil Disobedience at San Diego City Hall

On Tuesday evening orginizers of the Stop The Ban SD campaign, as well as patients and supporters participate in a time honored tradition of civil disobedience, resisting the passage of a flawed ordinance which forces closure of all city collectives and cooperatives in the City of San Diego.

Video provided by Channel 10 News reports, “A vocal and bold protest interrupted a San Diego City Council meeting on Tuesday as members voted on regulations pertaining to [pot] medical marijuana dispensaries.

Bracketts ([ ]) have been added around the bolded word “pot(above) to highlight the continued efforts by the media to downplay and derogatorally refer to medical marijuana, even within news coverage that appears  to supports Prop. 215 patients. 

Discrimination of the seriously ill, injured, sick and dying Prop. 215 patients is not limited to the Imperail Beach city and elected officials.  The bias referenced in the local press, as well as by our political and civic leaders demonstrate a genuine struggle for equality that ligittimate medical patients face in acerting their rights under Prop. 215, SB 420, the Attorney General Guidelines and the San Diego County Grand Jury report.  None of which use the word “pot“.

End the discrimination in Imperial Beach with Stop The Ban IB.  Join and help support safe access today.