Stop The Ban

Join the effort to Stop The Ban on medical marijuana patient collective/cooperatives in Imperial Beach.

Stop The Ban Moves to IB

Stop The Ban SD Moves to City of IB

In 1996, the voters of Imperial Beach approved Proposition 215, Calilfornia’s Compassionate Use Act (CPU), by an overwhelming 58% margin.  The San Diego County Registrar Of Voters also reports the passing of the proposition by a 52% margin overall in the county.

With clear voter percentages like those in Imperial Beach, there should be no question about the intent of the Imperial Beach voters in allowing for safe access to medical marijuana for the city’s most vulnerable citizens,” comments campaign co-sponsor Eugene Davidovich, who heads the San Diego Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA).

In 2004 the California Legislators responded to the voters request by passing Senate Bill 420, the Medical Marijuana Program Act  (MMP), which provided a greater blueprint for the implementation of California’s medical cannabis law.

In August 2008, California’s Attorney General issued a directive to law enforcement on state medical marijuana law.  In addition to reviewing the rights and responsibilities of patients and their caregivers, the guidelines affirmed the legality of storefront dispensaries and outlined a set of requirements for state law compliance.  The attorney general guidelines also represent a roadmap by which Imperial Beach officials should develop regulatory ordinances for dispensaries.

Just last year, in 2010, to further compel Imperial Beach city officials, the San Diego County Civil Grand Jury issued a report with detailed facts, findings and recommendations regarding the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries in the county.

All three Grand Jury recommendations to the City of Imperial Beach were clear and unambiguous, they did not provide option for banning safe access in the city, for any reason.  Instead, the Grand Jury specifically ordered the City of Imperial Beach to provide safe access for local residents who hold a doctor’s recommendation in compliance with state law.  The Jury recommends to;

  1. Enact an ordinance to establish a cost neutral program for the licensing, regulation and monitoring of medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives, and establish a limit on the number of such facilities.
  2. Adopt regulations which would allow for the closure of all unlicensed “dispensaries.”
  3. Upon the enactment of such an ordinance, rescind the current moratorium on the opening of medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives.

Even this year, on January 1st 2011, the California Legislature provided Imperial Beach officials with another law to help regulate, and not ban, land use.   With AB 2650 state law makers limited marijuana dispensaries to locations in commercial zones, but not within a 600-foot radius of any public or private school serving grades K-12.

State Legislatures had the information and opportunity to include more “sensitive use” areas to the list, if evidence proving the need for more restrictions existed.  However, the evidence proved there was no need for more “sensitive use” distance requirements.  The new law also makes clear, state lawmakers found no need or reason to ban dispensaries, seems only our local officials do. 

Stop The Ban I.B. ArchesStop The Ban IB is simply calling on Imperial Beach city officials to do any one of the following;

  1. Comply with state law, or
  2. Comply with the will of the voters, or
  3. Comply with the California Attorney General, or
  4. Comply with the Grand Jury recommendations, or
  5. Comply with the California State Legislature.

We demand no more, no less, and with the law on our side we will not stop until there is NO BAN!

Do you have any suggestions for the Stop The Ban IB campaign?
If so, let us know below.
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One Comment on “Stop The Ban”

  1. Terrie Best says:

    I am very excited that IB, a city I’ve always loved, will be the benefit of such great activism!

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