Take Action

To protect cannabis patients in Imperial Beach…

Handwritten or Form Letter?

  • A handwritten letter – has 20 times more impact than signed form letters and are the BEST WAY to influence council members!  What makes a handwritten letter so powerful is that it’s personal; it’s a way to let the council know how YOU feel in your own words.
  • The form letter – is a lot simpler and works to influence council members too, go to the send a letter page, download, sign and send.

Letter Writing Tips and Guidelines

Definitely include…

  1. That the council must comply with the will of the voters regarding California’s 1996 Compassionate Use Act (CUA) which called on local officials to develop a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of cannabis.
  2. That you fully expect the council members and city officials to respect and implement the recommendations made by the 2010 San Diego County Civil Grand Jury by enacting an ordinance to establish a cost neutral program for the licensing, regulation and monitoring of medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives, and establish a limit on the number of such facilities.
  3. That you are paying attention to how they vote on this matter, and that you will hold them accountable at the ballot box.

Give your letter even more impact…

  • Include reasons why you personally support medical cannabis facilities.  If you, a loved one, or a friend has benefited from medical cannabis, share their story.
  • More Personal = More Powerful

And finally…

  1. Make it legible.
  2. Put your address in the top right corner, this way they can be reminded that you are a constituent while they are reading.
  3. You should never underestimate your power as an individual to effect positive change. Be proud of what you’ve done.  You are getting involved, making a difference and helping to improve the quality of life for yourself and for the most vulnerable IB residents!

Mail and/or Drop-Off to…
Imperial Beach City Hall
Office of the City Council
825 Imperial Beach Blvd
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Attn: City Mayor, Council Members and Manager

and/or Fax to…
(619) 628-1395

and/or Email to…
jjanney@cityofib.org (Jim Janney, Mayor, term ends 2014)
loriebraggib@aol.com (Lori Bragg, Council Member, term ends 2012)
pbilbray@gmail.com (Pat Bilbray, Council Member, term ends 2012)
ejspriggs@yahoo.com (Ed Spriggs, Council Member, term ends 2014)
jimkingforib@gmail.com (Jim King, Council Member, term ends 2012)

Got comments?  If so, leave a private reply below.
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