for the “Stop The Ban IB” campaign.
“Never underestimate your power as an individual to effect positive change.”

There are patients with MS, cerebal palsy, AIDS, Cancer, PTSD and others who are counting on us.  Veterans, mothers, fathers, professionals, all need our help.

We have an immediate need for volunteers to:

  • ‘Like Us’ and help spread the word on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and anywhere else you surf.
    Got social media?  Then use it!  There is no better way to Stop The Ban in IB.
  • Sign up for email updates.
    Enter your email address at the top right side of this webpage to be notified of campaign updates.
  • Gather signatures and letters from IB residents and businesses.
    You can do this even if you only talk with your friends and family.  If you are more outgoing, there are a number of business locations that have expressed an interest in having safe access regulations.   We also need volunteers to solicit, pickup and deliver signature forms and form letters to them.
  • Stuff envelopes and mail letters.
    Work locally in a friendly and professional office on Palm Ave to provide letters to the Mayor and Council.
  • Meet with and talk to the Mayor and Council Members.
    The city council meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month and you are able to speak to the entire council at the beginning of the meetings as a non-agenda item.
    Additionally, council members would be happy to meet with you during the week, give them a call or send an email to request a meeting.  If you would like some support at your meeting, we are happy to meet them with you.

Thank you for your interest and any assistance you provide!

Sign and send a letter today!

Sign the online petition!

To help with the Stop The Ban IB effort, please provide your name, address, phone number and email address in the form below.  Then,  download or pick up campaign supplies at 1233 Palm Ave in Imperial Beach.


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